Emotional Wellbeing

The Philippi Trust Namibia Emotional Wellbeing Programme offers an affordable service to employers and employees alike. This programme consists of services that are accessible to employees and managers alike and provide uniquely tailored solutions to assist employees face the stresses associated with modern life.

In today's fast-paced, achievement orientated society, maintaining a positive balance between work and family life is not always easy. To gain perspective, you may just need a listening ear or information about available support services.

Through our Employee Wellbeing Programme we provide a confidential, personal and information service that you, your partner and your immediate family can call upon to help you deal with everyday situations and more serious concerns.

As part of Philippi’s Emotional Wellbeing Programme, the following short training courses are offered on request:

Stress Management Workshop

Stress affects our lives in many ways. It can take its toll both mentally and physically. Negative stress, if not managed, can lead to cardiac arrest, depression and substance abuse to mention a few. In this workshop we focus on signs and symptoms of stress and burnout; distinguishing between the two; wellbeing and a balance between work and social life; factors affecting wellbeing; finding the balance and activities to manage stress!

This course is open to anyone wanting to regain some control over the impact and stresses of modern everyday life.

Stress has been likened to that of a violin’s strings - you need enough
tension to make good music - too much tension and the strings might
snap - too little and you have no music!”

Managing Personal Finances -The Counselling Way

This workshop allows participants the awareness of financial expectations and to effectively manage one’s personal finances; how to differentiate between needs and wants; awareness of the financial effect in needs are not separated from wants; how to better plan a budget and track income and expenses with consideration for living within the scope of one’s income; setting financial goals and understanding boundaries and consider ways to help adhere to a budget.

What makes us spend ? Knowing the factors that influence our spending will help us make better financial decisions on how we use our money. The
majority of us are only too easily influenced by friends, family pressure
and sometimes the media (advertisements).
Join us on a journey of self-discovery
and practical financial know-how!